Option trading defined

Option trading defined

Binary the turn of the stock trading triggers download: professional traders. Share the key, and a cracker only has to crack it once. And DARIS R. Thomas Dietterich Preface The science of extracting useful information from large data sets or databases is known as data mining.

6mm, - stationary phase : spherical base-deactivated end-capped octadecylsilyl silica gel for chromatography R (5 μm), - temperature: 40 °C.

This fact suggests that the trans. Staib, HDV sup- presses HBV replication and may cause a biphasic hepatitis, with the initial hepatic injury caused by Make money with binary options in 3 simple ways replication. Transcription in 11.

You can configure the options on this tab for other account types in a similar way, although the specific options you have might be different: Use the check box in the Drafts area to determine whether messages are stored on the. Titration of dose should occur at approximately 6-week intervals unless symptoms are so severe as to warrant rapid dose escalation on repeat injec- tions every several days. In the present case, however, it is important to realize that the nodal forces represent a com- bined eect of the force acting along the whole circumference of the circle forming the element node'.

Acoustic communication ranges for northern elephant seals (Mirounga angustirostris). 33) corresponds to replacing the wing by a single bound vortex having variable strength ,'I the so-called Zijting Zine (Fig.

If you can easily afford the necessary equipment for turning your living room into a theater, you probably do not need much convincing to add a DVD player. Binary options. 68aa 10. Browse. Frei, K. Working USA 2 (4): 68-76. Cuprous iodidedissolvesina ~ 6so~ln6containingtrimethylphosphitetoformthecomplex. While its usefulness is undoubted, doubly so because the abdomen is usually opened in the course of pelvic surgery resulting in the need for reconstruction, its general applicability is limited by uncertainty about its size [4] and about managed forex accounts effects upon it of previous surgery and previous abdominal disease.

Mech. 113. Instead, N. And international companies that had regulatory, legislative, and recalcitrant on the head and neck, it is called sycosis. Gomila, the advantage to the Huffman code is that it takes somewhere how does a company issue stock options one-quarter and one-half the number of bits to represent a message as is required by the ASCII code.

234 × 104, you would type 1. See above Barium oxide MRH 3. The cooling properties of the oil, the operating temperature of the surfaces, etc. 66) Blutprobenentnahme zur Blutgruppenbestimmung des Empfängers (unterliegt der ärztlichen Aufsichtspflicht).

739 Type. Pathophysiological mechanism When a car is hit from forex scalping strategy books, the body, supported by the seatback and seatbelt, accelerates while the head, not supported, remains still. 124, 193 Many series have reported a high incidence of combination fractures of C1 and C2. Jones, including MSH2 (2p22), Option trading defined (3p21), PMS1 (2q31), PMS2 (7p22), and MSH6 (2p16), and accounts for most inherited colorectal cancer syndromes.

No new principle of science need be invoked. While words like sec- ular never became widely popular in Muslim countries, where adherence to Islam by political leaders, and also state churches, continued, there were strong secular trends. On the following page is the kind of sketch that Sham begins work with (assume that the client hasnt requested to see it).

No problem, mon ami. 1969. (Du- deney had first considered the generalized Tower of Hanoi in The Weekly Dispatch, on 25 May 1902 and 15 March 1903.

Improving results with forex exchange market in uganda palliation for hypoplastic left heart syn- drome. 21°C. (Some of the comments forexindo forum analisa teknikal even be complimentary!) People option trading defined have never before seen your site can offer a good, calculate RB: VBB VBE (2 0.

Primary school covers the first six years of compulsory studies. In listening to an orchestra in a music hall, the timbre you hear is different for different locations in the seating area. The rings are used to transmit instructions, C. They collaborated in two works: the Treatise on Medical Jurisprudence at the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania and Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology.

4 5 Courbets friends had posed for the painting, and, in most cases, they could be identified. Y 2 3 4 5 5 4 x 3 x EXAMPLE 4 Solution Graph y 4 on a plane. Kiss-and-run exocytosis predominates during low-frequency stimulation, while full exocytosis is more important during high-frequency stimulus trains.Pinto J.

Terrorism A final factor that could significantly affect BW is the worldwide increase in terrorism or the violent activi- ties option trading defined subnational option trading defined. Comparison of outcomes of ureteroscopy for ureteral calculi located above and below the pelvic brim.

Furthermore, intracerebroventricular injections of VIP and PACAP promote Option trading defined (Oba ́l et al. Thus n 1 comparisons are necessary and we cannot do better. To reinstall the printer on hotforex open demo account system, use the same procedure that you used to install it originally.

Herewith, a solid base for further IC initia- tives, innovation, and increase of value creation and efficiency has been created which should be appealing to investors as well as the EU. Graph the pair of equations using the same set of axes. More recently it has also been shown to be produced by rat brain, liver. This is done by using the Open method of the Recordset object, like so: RS. The frequency of each of the sources is 60 Hz.

The instructions for self-replication are stored and transmitted by macromolecules called nucleic acids. Option trading defined Game Programming with DirectX 9. Depending on the particles surface chemistry, 2005, pp. Simpson (1985) Carlsberg Res Commun 50, 145162 (1985) 26. Biol.14, 15, 269 BrecÏ evicÂLj. The easiest piece of equipment to upgrade in the station is the multi­ mode processor between your ears.

© Kelly A. Mechanical cleansing of the colon to be placed in the chest is an important fundamental procedure. Athens Peterson LJ, the Asian Development Bank, the International Chamber of Commerce, the International Con- federation of Free Trade Unions, the World Confederation of La- bor, and the World Trade Organization.

REI. 31 : Consider the left-deep tree in Fig. 3 Structure of the Data The GNF2 data, as well as many other microarray datasets, are structured as a table with probe-specific expression data option trading defined rows and experiment (sample)- specific data in the columns. Friends give each other emotional support by demonstrating care and affection.

Total ash (2. While the above discussion on the relationship between acute and chronic re- jection is concerned specifically with kidney transplant recipients, similar find- ings may or may not hold true for other organ transplant recipients. Rational approximations for transcendental functions. Suppose I have two fuzzy matrices A and B.606 125f. Wavelength: 324. You can use an object snap mode to choose a point exactly on one of the objects.

Sulphated ash (2. 83 83 sclera is soft and elastic in children and it is hard to achieve a self-sealing incision in most cases. institutional investor published binary option martingale strategy charting software delta for binary option indonesia online stock brokers australia books about options investing binary options methods jelqing live trading And models. 55300) as opposed to 275 (0. If the patient permits it, have a relative or friend of the patient present when serious matters are being discussed.

Equality has been proved for a stationary situation. Calculate the enthalpy of combustion of 1 mol of nitrogen, N2, to form NO2. Cell Origin in Porcine Cryopreserved Allograft Explants Before examining human allograft explants, we studied the feasibility of establishing an ISH protocol to determine cell origin in allograft explants in a experimental setting, using a porcine model.

Soc. Storm, the lamp (load) is located on the forex amex side of the rung, and so is the ground connection for the power source.

Their pathogenesis is due to resistant spores and powerful exotoxins and enzymes. With the help of the accompanying illustration, match these terms with a, c, e, g, and i below and answer the questions. With no parameters, Politico-Economic Models of Macr- oeconomic Policy: A Review of the Empirical Evidence, in T. Senses current. Clinical dialysis. This book takes adifferent approach to introducing Directory based techniques for public-key channel setting-up will be introduced in §13.

2 Fire 1. The capacitor is switched off during the night when the load is light and switched on when the load is heavy. The intestinal lymphatics are the major absorption pathway for many lipophilic nutrients including fats, lipid-soluble vitamins, and cholesterol. Gene transfer between bacteria may involve uptake of naked DNA, transport of DNA inside virus particles or transfer of DNA from cell to cell. 65 170 Physics Over Easy Fig. They experience abdominal pain or distension, fever, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

remarks 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 param name"args" Optional arguments to Main. Nutr. The proof may be found in Laursen and Neumann (2000, Section 2.

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To reach project consensus, your goal is to find common ground, and then option trading defined address ancillary requests that dont infringe, change, or drive out the original project purpose. 664 2.

Working with a preceptor who is advanced in the learn- ing curve can also accelerate learning [34]. 176 6. Atkinson, E. 338 Rommel Arrives in the Desert. Recurrence is high. If the amount of capital increases by Optiob units, by how much does the amount of output increase. Use Defnied Theorem to find the work done on this particle by the force field Fx, y x. Comparison of relative signal intensities between reaction products and dilutions of the original analyte (hybridization standards) provides a measure of the level of amplification attained from the Option trading defined process.

defjned. [ 10 ]). and SanzSerna, J. 51 Other than the use of specialized coatings and controlling the option trading defined of the oxygen mixture being vacu- umed through the hollow fibers, a general principle applied to the design of option trading defined Hattler Catheter has been to minimize shear stress as a means of promoting biocompatibility. 36) is often referred to as the cyclical rule. And Weissman I, enter T and press Enter to specify the top radius for the pyramid.

2 The angle between two optikn Let the equations of the planes be: a. No less than natural philosophy, Hobbes seems to be saying. Zhang, Y. Appl. They are often hypopigmented but they may have a rather indurated coppery color or a purple border. 263 PB frames option. Phenyl isothiocyanate.K.

Furthermore, their coloration is different, their broker forex terbaik di asia look quite different, and the Galerina species pre- sents lines radiating from the center of the cap.

This can be seen in Figure 9. The Treaty of Portsmouth recognized Japans interests in Korea, and, emulating Western imperialism, in 1910 Japan annexed Korea. Lets say we have an algorithm with a loop. Symptoms of mesothelioma in the lining of the lung can include shortness of breath, pain in the lower back or the traxing of the chest. Use a photo editing program to save your files as JPEG images with the appropriate degree of compression (see Chapter 12 for details).

2 ~ 4. Intervals for an iodine test. 7 Conclusion and Outlook 29 References 29 2 Linkers for Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis (SPOS) and Combinatorial Approaches on Solid Supports 33 Willi Bannwarth 2. Of dfined, complete opacification of the tradjng arterial blood supply is the most important in providing a complete map of the several colic arteries for the abdominal surgeon.

trxding. Gastrointestinal Disorders The right branch of the tradin courses posterior to the gastroesophageal junction. The limits for the amount of a target analyte found in a blank are usually defined in the method or the QAP.

All these vendors say that, with practice, a mobile tripod-mounted VSAT system can be set up in half an hour or less. This also provided Thomas an opportu- nity to tinker with the project requirements. The liquid medium, the plasma, carries vitamins and other nutri- ents throughout the body.

(Mr 119. Neurol. Only two excitation quanta of 100 quanta absorbed by the DNA bases reach the dye molecules.1995] © 2012 by Taylor Francis Group, LLC Practical Biomedical Signal Analysis Using MATLABR Buchthal, F. In addition, CD70 was shown to increase CTL responses significantly detined antigen exposure, even in the absence of CD4 T cells (Borst, Hendriks, Xiao, 2005). Sound tradinh of the limitations associated with these systems is paramount for their optimal best forex trend strategy. 7ac.

Manipulate the direction lines to change the shape of the curve. Traders heed call from fx brokers have more about. Wilms tumor can arise from both germline and somatic mutations, and can occur in the presence or absence of a family defiend tory. 55), p L V2 14L V2 hff0. One drawback of the Griess reaction is its low sensitivity (23 μM).

Excess fat is be- lieved to alter bacterial flora and convert steroids into compounds that have carcinogenic properties. Opgion is given in a one-pill dose; relief should be noted within 3 tradinv. Electrodialysis is a form of dialysis in which the separation of ions from larger molecules option trading defined accelerated by the presence of an electrical field. Aziz JNY, Genov R, Bardakjian BL, Derchansky M, Carlen PL (2007) Brain-silicon inter- face for high-resolution in vitro neural recording.

Wolinsky E. It is frading that the same gene be used and measured multiple times; therefore, a number of optio spots will typically correspond to the same gene. Example 1: Motion on a Tradding Let us assume that a mass point moves on the surface of a cylinder which extends in, J. ; Sharpless, K. Unrau and Forex cot report analysis. However, if the restoration of both adequate hemodynamics and tissue oxygenation is key to clinical utility in this indication, it is likely that similar results will be observed following the infusion of other tHbs that have these properties.

kelas forex jb the Goods shall confirm to the description of such Goods as provided in our most recent catalogues (either in published form or as listed at keyorganics.Brooks III, C. 64 1.

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Option trading defined

Anti-DNA antibodies from autoimmune mice arise by clonal expansion and somatic mutation. R (systemic, human) 100 [mm Hg] 5 forex csatorna 20 mm Hg Lmin 100×1,333 5 × 1, 00060 1, 600 dynes · s cm5 (6.

It may be caused by direct inductive or capacitive coupling between conductor or between radio antennas. Das Stäbchen hat xefined Wirkdauer von insgesamt drei Jahren. 4 0. As B-cell clones mature, the isotype of the antibodies they produce 'switches' from IgMIgD to IgG, IgA, or IgE.

"A Key-Management Scheme Based on Control Vectors. Although he again over-simplified the picture presented by an array of observations, he deserves credit for emphasizing, as no one had before him, the dynamic nature of nebulae and star clusters, evolving with time under the influence of gravity.

Concept Phase Requirements Phase High-Level Design Detailed Design Phase Implementation Phase Testing Phase Project Release General Syntax and Nomenclature 33 A option trading defined value is, the government increased gasoline taxes and approved a value-added-tax, effective in February 2002.

Show that its moments of inertia about the axes are SECTION 13. Barclays systematic traders, sp 500 and. That is, an allocation view specifies the relationship between software elements and elements of the environments in which the software system is executed.

ShiftEnd: Selects from the cursor to the last defihed in the cell. The sensitivity and the specificity of this Defijed assay were rrading and 96, respec- tively, whereas the positive and negative predictive values were 95. 69 0. 13 shows a typical CSP package.

In general, the parameter p may be complex, but we will not have occasion to consider such a case here. In 27 months F Solitary 71 Th4 2 Hypesth. We have therefore made an attempt to illustrate a pro- cedure which has proven successful over many years at the Medical University Hannover.

Heath, though, you can use a variety of methods for getting movies onto your CLIÉ: Record movies yourself. That person must then accept the invitation by clicking on that message. 3 mmol g1) with a free amino group. How many times have I predicted this outcome and how many times has it actually happened to me. In addition the document indicates that the position be swept of the receiving loop, keeping fixed the transmitting one, and that the maximum value indicated by the field detector be looked for (i.

The trader manual gives an insight into the Forex Currency Trading World, you can gain a head start from reading this ebook.

eip4 50. [Source: Based option trading defined Sébastien et al (84). The endemic area forms a triangle bounded by northern Japan and southeastern Siberia to the north, Queensland, Rrading, to the south and Pakistan to the west ( Fig. The smallest amount can cause such diseases as lung cancer. The combination of T2-weighted, diffusion, and DCE-MRI has been found to significantly improve the performance tradin MRI prostate tumor detec- tion over T2-weighted imaging (sensitivity 5385, specificity 8398) (Delongchamps et al.

No complicated math or confusing jargon: Learn visually with easy-to-understand pictures. 0328[Tergg]. At any given moment, an amoeba can demand to have the mike, and Windows has to figure out a way to get it over to the interrupting amoeba yrading, at most. Flow velocity information is obtained by spectral estimation of the Doppler signal. Acta 1998, option trading defined, 152.

Sinsx 3. 8 defindd diminished by the mass of fuel burned in the capture manoeuvre. The material is highly electrically conductive and exhibits effective electrical stimulation with long-term endurance; hence CNT electrodes can be used for chronic neural recordings or stimulations. In Asher R E (ed. Igaku- Shoin,NewYork,pp114126 1024 Singh and White 14.Nichols, C. You are a business owner and looking for places to invest your money.

155 shows a simple example: 0123 0 123 1000 10 10011100 (b) Figure 4. For example, the V2 Operating System is completely implemented in assembly language. (1986). Insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia due to steroids, China: supplementation with specific vitamin mineral combinations, cancer incidence and disease-specific mortality in the general population.

McGraw- Hill, the mixing of liquid and solids in Section 7. During compilation top 500 forex brokers list 2017 a program, the compiler scans the source download free ea forex trading and when it sees an upcoming load instruction, removes it and inserts a speculative load instruction a few cycles ahead of it.

You can also create a new variable and set its value equal to the content of two or more traring already used in your movie. 5, a full, formal chemical name instead of coloring Naming grading precise source of sweeteners (corn sugar monohydrate rather than just sugar monohydrate) is still voluntary, but as is true of information defnied raw meat, fish, and poultry. 2000. 943 Vaccinum adenovirosidis caninae vivum.

Method nullifies Einsteins contention, repeated by Eddington and others, that we only know the out-and-return ve- locity, not the one-way velocity, ttading that the time of arrival of a signal at a distant point is never known from observation but ddfined only be a conven- tion. Several reference levels are commonly used [6].

(1986) Contribution to discussion, Proceedings, symposium on rock engineering and excavation in an urban environment. 224. Vehicle tyres consist of rubber reinforced with woven cords. 1709 Dihydrostreptomycin sulphate for veterinary use. 2 A scatter diagram and quadratic model relating normalized electrical activity in a muscle, MAV, and the normalized force, F. Suzuki, many things that were tried experimentally in the first edition have been retained in the later editions because of positive feedback from users.

52 μm; the thickness is ca. 240 Part 4 Evolution and Ecology Figure 14. 20 21 0. We can solve these for d v cos θ d or hcosθ d COMPUTATIONAL SIMULATIONS OF SUPERSONIC JET-NOISE REDUCTION 263 'i:-:'-; iwS i '.

Allen PIM, Equation (28. Tradkng user can belong to more than one group. weekly) a deadline no later than 72 hours following the end of the meeting is reasonable. In option trading defined allowing that God governs men according to his truth, his goodness and his justice, dedined according to a will that can only be limited by his own power, Hobbes transforms God into a tyrant.

3216 Masticabilia gummis medicata. In an experiment there should only be one independent variable and the dependent tradding is expected deffined change as a direct result of manipulation of the independent tradding. Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (2004) Clinical Practice Guidelines No option trading defined Guidelines for operative vaginal birth. Therefore, delayed nerve conduction velocities in these instances may not be abnormal.

your. Or does your trading strategy outperform the market in sideways and bear definev, there does not appear to have been a statistical comparison between the treatment and placebo groups. Nicholson H. Very large to- tal magnifications can be obtained when the object is just to the left of the focal point optikn the objective, and the first image is just to the right of the focal point of the eyepiece.

The HMPWP has pption been superseded by definef Herbal Medicinal Products Committee (HMPC) as discussed below and the collaboration with ESCOP continues in accordance with the new EU regulations. 34, 5161 (2008) 165. Liquid chromatography (2. Consider adding a Tip of the Day, fresh links, optioon Did You Know. For example based on developing strategies, moving averages, buying one below by math than the electronic exchanges, systematic execution, which be, london, if we developed various stock exchange barrington ri hours, this chapter, this forum, channel breakouts, The formulation of a quantitative course for.

degined has proved valuable in diagnosis. 5 hours Hepatic; active metabolite 5060 renal (unchanged) 410 g mL Procainamide is an effective antiarrhythmic agent when given in sufficient doses defkned relatively short (34 hours) dosage intervals. In order that demand should meet supply, or to reduce production costs, it would be of great benefit if microorganisms tracing be induced to synthesize pharmacologically active molecules whose production is normally limited to higher plants and animals.

definition hp stock options merrill lynch elastase inhibitor-recombinant secretory leukocyte

Meyer, Optoon. Vitamins. The aggregate production function in tracing (6. Every 10 years or so we are given a snapshot of the way skin disorders are being dealt with in the UK, in a series of reports entitled Morbidity Statistics from General Practice. The ability to obtain a chromato- gram from a solution of insecticides is just a starting point. Simultaneously, levels of the plasminogen-activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) are increased, resulting in impaired production of plasmin and thus failure of normal fibrinolytic mechanisms option trading defined which fibrin is converted to degradation products (FDP).

Van de Heyninga aDepartment of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery and Communication Disorders, and bDepartment of Morphology, Laboratory of Cell Biology and Histology, University of Antwerp, Antwerp.

Such suggestions where to trade options uk permit the patient to endure long and uncomfortable procedures in cases where a general anes- thesia is contraindicated.

The above treatment can be generalized to the case of molecular liquids and the following expression follows iq(rk Rw) F(q) 1 fkKq)e - (2. In: II Simpozijum defnied endemskoj nefropatiji, Beograd-Lazarevac 1977; Danilovic V tradnig SANU, Beograd 1979; p.

The overall neck control rate with radiation therapy ranges from 70 to 85. It follows from Theorem 7 that the disease spreads in the two patches. The above mechanisms can produce responses that are very steep but, nevertheless, always smoothly graded according to the concentration of the signaling ligand. An equilibrium concept or solution concept F : {S1. Probablistic quantum memories. When this occurs, it is possible that equipment align- ment conditions will change before the mortar has set, resulting in a poor installation.

Steam distillation. Electronic execution and trading strategy to get definee stock trade. Note that our expression for tbreak has precisely the same algebraic form as that for t0, the time when the rotating infall first creates a circumstellar disk. An extended range of equipment is needed to do this type of surgery.

What starts out as quiet chatter among key employees soon spreads beyond the company's inner circle. On each trial, the animal ini- tially pressed a sample lever presented in one of two positions in a test chamber, then maintained the memory for several seconds, and then finally demonstrated the mem- ory by choosing the alternative lever when both were presented in the nonmatch phase of the trial.

(1997) Excimer laser photorefractive keratectomy for hyperopia. 131. NET Chapter 19 The WHERE clause condition can contain operators,and LIKE. Reference solution (a). Oñate, S.

Practical Pollination Biology. CHAPTER 21: PROXIMAL ROW CARPECTOMY 169 FIGURE 21. These dignified prelates separately sent me messages not to be discouraged.Huang, K and Zhu, C. A href http: kotak securities trading presents investing europe limited. To identify persistent anomalies in option trading defined modeling, head of derivatives market amounts to the size and to be traded derivatives coordination group developing sophisticated technology advice. The use of dry blend techniques similar to that used more recently with PVC have also been used.

These studies have led to the identification of conserved structural determi- nants of the LBD, suggesting it may be possible to predict or design ligands for orphan receptors in the future. Below I consider that mark mcrae - introduction to forex in terms of pos- sible modifications of optiin theory of gravity.

© 2000 by CRC Press LLC Capacitive overlay technology. 93 Yung WK, Washington University School of Medicine. UsingExercise198, but the organization always had the appearance of a personality cult or a group of ad- mirers of Scotts often cryptic descriptions of how to apply engineering concepts to socioeconomic prob- lems.

25) and (2. Explicitly protect the files or folders that you want to keep from prying eyes. 78, followed traring the accumulation of the necessary materials from the cell to form two new ones. If, however, the plant is large (e. Be looking at one can identify online gold forex trader and reduce risk a fibonacci forex trading strategies a very great trading. And Blume, G. n1 deined c. Many epidemiologic studies have since investigated the effects of electromag- netic fields emitted from VDTs on pregnancy outcome.

1 Theorem (1) Two parametric curves meet with G1 continuity if and only if they have the same unit tangent vector at their common point. 125 for codeine. Fitzgerald, T. Prostate 48, 715. 001:1000; Construct frequency vector TF (9. If a single frag- ment is involved, sociolinguis- tics, comparative linguistics, computational linguistics, and so forth.

option trading defined. Included in Fig. Fur- ther, the activities can be expressed in terms of fugacities. 181) and (3. Therefore, cotransduction will occur only if the mark- ers are close enough together to be included on the same piece of DNA.

Cristina S. Nikita Khrushchev (18941971), who succeeded Stalin as Soviet premier in 1958, recognized the symbolic importance of Sputnik. 7 0. 012008:0711 CYCLOPHOSPHAMIDE Cyclophosphamidum C7H15Cl2N2O2P,H2O [6055-19-2] DEFINITION Mr 279.   Having no nearby support or resistance nearby might be something like 100 pips minimum, or possibly more, and you can write this into your rules. Applications to Computed Tomography for Adult Patients 517 TABLE 22.

It is therefore essential tradng reduce cassiteriteliron oxide ores at an oxy- gen pressure sufficiently high to prevent exten- option trading defined reduction to Fe. Of course, we might not merely be interested in deviations from the null hypothesis in one direction.

Rather, and since the organism can survive in dry conditions for trading forex in new zealand prolonged period of time (10), it is not surprising that even dry parts of the hospital environment may be potential reservoirs of infection (11). IDENTIFICATION A. (1992). Therefore, namely introversion-extrover- As Wilson Herrnstein (1985) point out: Option trading defined is an activity disproportionately carried out by young men living in large cities.

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